Some information about us

Our office and workshop are located in Bad Segeberg/Germany near Hamburg-Kiel and Lübeck.

Since about 14 years we have been repairing and upgrading hydraulical and mechanical presses and pressbrakes as well. We have long-time experience with Cybelec press controls and are servicecenter for Delem. We develop electrical cabinets based on Siemens S7 and/or Pilz PSS safety plc. We are specialized on retrofitting and upgrading all types of presses and pressbrakes of all konwn manufacturers. And our activities also focus on all questions concernning the safety of machine operators.

Our company is not very big ( 4 employees) .But most likely for that reason we are very flexible and can realize customized automation and safety solutions for you.

We work togehther very close with some modern engineering offices , mechanical production comapnies and firms being specialized on hydraulic desgn and assembly.

Our customers are well-known sheet metal forming companies. Since some years we are upgrading and retrofitting also special machines of an Airbus subcontractor.

Our assembly shop

Wiechern Eng Montagebereich

Some smaller machines being upgraded in our assembly shop for an Airbus subcontractor.

Close co-operation with specialized firms

Werkstatt Viereck
Assembly shop of Viereck / ELmshorn

We cooperate very closely with some companies beeing spcialized on mechanics and hydraulics. The desgin, installation and setting-up of hydraulical systems e.g. is realized for us by Viereck/Elmshorn. The comapany Viereck is Rexroth representative.

Proximity to Customers

Service and customer proximity are our main targets. We focus on the desgin of special cutomized automation and safety solutions.

Customer proximity also means for us to be reachable for our customers all the time. If you need technical assistance for your sheet metal machines, if you intend to retrofit you press or if you need technical asstistance for your Delem control don`t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by mail ( or by phone (0049 172 3661 197) also on weekends.