Retrofit of old shear and pressbrake controls

Repair and spareparts service for older Cybelec or Delem controls i(> 10 years) is often complicated and in many cases spareparparts are even obsolete (e.g. monitors). Sometimes the old broken control cannot be fitted on-site and has to be sent to the factory. This takes time , costly production time !
You also have to consider that handling of old controls is often very circumstantial, they have not much comfort and they work very slowly.

In this case it makes much more sense and it is even much more economical to upgrade the old control by a new modern windows control. I you intend to retrofit, please contact us. We will assist you in choosing the best fitting Delem control.

We do not only retrofit older Delem controls but also realize a conversion from Cybelec to Delem.

Delem DA65R Retrofit Control

Specially for retrofitting older Delem controls and also oldedr controls of other CNC manufacturers (e.g. Cybelec) Delem has developped the D65R retrofit control, which is almost completely compatible in input/output signals to old devices. The conversion from the old to the new controls doesn`t  take long and therefore a retrofit is not much expansive.

Please find below some technical data and information of the DA65 retrofit CNC. You also find below a special questionnaire concerning the conversion of the old (Delem-) control to the new one. Please fill out this questionnaire very carefully. The production of the new DA65R control will be tuned to the data of the old cnc. The retrfit will be very easy the, because plugs, signal level of measuring systems, hydraulic interface will be compatible as well as possible.

DA65R Concept (Download)

DA65R Konzept.pdf DA65R Konzept.pdf (1.0 MB)

Leaflet and technical data of Dleem DA65R (Download)

Leaflet Delem DA-65R DU .pdf Leaflet Delem DA-65R DU .pdf (53.7 kB)

Questionnaire DA65R (Download)

DA-65R_questionnaire.pdf DA-65R_questionnaire.pdf (180.9 kB)